Ultra High Purity Fluid Containment Systems for the Semiconductor Industry 


What to Know About Critical Success Factors in Fluoropolymer Sheet Linings 

Semiconductor chemicals and fluids are increasingly coming under higher scrutiny as semiconductor circuitry shrinks to microscopic sizes. What does this mean for sheet linings? Eliminating contamination is key to keeping the purity of the high purity chemicals from production to transport to storage.  

As new vessel lining manufacturers enter the market, the risks of subpar products and product contamination increase. Get to know the critical success factors that maintain the ultra-high purity needed to create today’s chips, where particles measuring in PPT levels can ruin an entire batch.  

Get the information to understand the start-to-finish requirements for proper purity, containment and quality assurance.  

  • How the semiconductor industry and chemical requirements have changed over time.
  • What challenges and dangers are inherent in manufacturing and how to deal with them today.
  • Learn the critical steps for surface preparation, installation, welding, cleaning, transport and more.
  • Identify quality manufacturing processes which differentiates manufacturers.

Ready to learn the solutions to maintaining the highest levels of product purity, leak detection and removing both organic compounds and metallic ion contaminants? Watch the webinar to find what you need for high quality semiconductor linings.  


About Electro Chemical Manufacturing 

An ISO certified company, Electro Chemical Manufacturing (ECM) offers a complete line of fluoropolymer lining systems for storage vessels, transportation equipment and process vessels where the purity requirements are extremely high. Located in Emmaus, PA, ECM is a leader in Hi-purity lining installation, including PFA, FEP, ECTFE, ETFE, PVDF and trade name materials such as Halar®, Kynar®, Teflon™ and Tefzel™. Experienced field installation teams are also available to provide turnkey custom lining solutions at your site when the project is too large, or time is too short to complete at one of our production facilities. Support is provided by a technical engineering staff that is available to assist with materials selection and to help with selecting the most cost-effective system. 

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