Mortars for Acid Resistant Brick Linings in Hydrometallurgical Applications 


What To Know About Achieving Reliable Lining Systems 

The application of hydrometallurgy in the recovery of nickel, copper, gold and other metals continues to grow. The acidic nature and higher temperatures of some of these processes limit the use of alloys, fiberglass or other construction materials for the vessels. Acid brick linings have been proven to provide economical and reliable service in:  

  • Acid leach vessels
  • Pressure oxidation autoclaves 
  • Pressure letdown vessels  
  • Other related equipment 

But achieving reliable lining systems requires careful attention to the mortar materials and equipment being used. Read about the challenges specific to hydrometallurgy mortars, including curing, mixing and testing. In addition, you’ll get specifics on the type of mortars best suited for hydrometallurgy and the considerations for various applications. When you’re looking to drive performance in hydrometallurgical applications, turn to Knight Material Technologies, the leader in acid-resistant materials and services for over 100 years.  


Founded in 1910 in Canton, OH, USA, Knight Material Technologies (KMT) designs, manufactures, installs, and services custom acid-resistant linings used in highly corrosive processes for chemical and mining industries worldwide. In addition, KMT produces industry-leading ceramic packing media for chemical process and regenerative thermal oxidation systems in a wide range of industrial applications. Two companies owned by KMT, Electro Chemical Manufacturing (ECM) and Superior Dual Laminate Products (SDL), specialize in fluoropolymer lining and coating systems. Visit the websites for more information on KMT and ECM and SDL. 

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